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If the price were right and you had some help, would you want to grow your own food? BBR’s Community Tech Farm Hubs has a goal to feed 1000 community members with community-run technology by 2026. We are training community members on how to secure funding that will allow us to provide farm hub kits at no cost to the community farmers.

COMING SOON: Build a Community Tech Farm Hubs

BBR plans to work with our Digital Steward training program which trains neighborhood leaders in the technical and community organizing skills necessary to create and maintain thriving futures for their communities. This includes training in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, internet infrastructure, technology skills, collaborative research, fund development, outreach, mutual aid, and community organizing. Whether it is deploying sensors that can keep plants healthy and nutritions, or creating applications that can make sure food gets to the places that need it, Digital Stewards can help their communities build their own solutions in a variety of circumstances. By 2026, we will build solutions for 1000 community members in Pierce County and South King County, WA.

The Digital Stewards in the Community Tech Farm Hubs are responsible for:

  • Installing and maintaining Internet-of-Things sensors to monitor farm health
  • Providing wifi access throughout target areas
  • Maintaining small device charging stations during emergency power outages.
  • Training community members on how to use technology in agriculture

There are currently three charging stations planned for 2024 with more planned in the future.

This enables the community members — with the support of a Community Tech Farm Hub Design team — to make a basic assessment of a location for Internet-of-Things farming solutions. This also enables community members to come together to make informed decisions for the installation of community tech farm hubs (also called digital barn-raising) and participate in the installation process.

If you’re interested in becoming a Digital Steward, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!


At Connect Across Tacoma, we're building a community of digital stewards. But how do you know if you're the right fit to join? Here's a snapshot of those who would thrive in our program:

A photo of a Black young aspiring tech enthusiasts using a laptop to explore opportunities to learn more.
Are you an aspiring tech enthusiast? Are you curious about technology but haven't had the chance to explore it deeply? Whether you're a student, a career starter, or simply eager to learn, our program opens the door to a world of digital possibilities.
An image of a Black community advocate hosting an outreach event.
Are you a community advocate who is deeply embedded in your community and passionate about making a difference? Do you see technology as a tool for positive change and want to be at the forefront of building a connected neighborhood? Our program can help you make positive change in your community.
A photo of an indigenous youth depicted as someone who may be interested in changing careers. He is standing with his arms crossed while thinking about his future prospects.
Are you interested in changing careers and wondering how a shift to a more tech-oriented career might change your life? Whether you're from retail, trades, or any other field, our program offers the skills and knowledge to pivot into the digital world.
An image of an indigenous elder whose at a career fare searching for new opportunities for employment.
Have you been unemployed or underemployed for several years and are seeking a new career? If you've been out of the job market or stuck in unsatisfying roles, becoming a Digital Steward can open new doors and provide you with valuable, employable skills.
An image of a Black construction worker with many tattoos and piercings. He's on the job site while looking into the distance contemplating his future.
Are you looking for a second chance and wish someone would cut you a break? We believe in second chances and new beginnings. Our program is designed to provide you with the skills and confidence to reintegrate into the workforce and society.
An image of an indigenous, Black elder who is sitting at a laptop searching for a new career.
Are you an elder who is looking to learn new skills and gain employment? Age is just a number when it comes to our program. If you're looking to stay engaged in today's digital world, our program offers an understanding and supportive environment for you to thrive.
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